Sustainability & Conservation Efforts

Wild Paws is committed to creating and maintaining a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. As we plan our buildings and animal enclosures we are considering how we can utilize green energy (e.g. solar panels), composting, maintaining existing flora and fauna, and restoring prairie and/or wetland areas.

We also envision gardens to grow enriching fruits and veggies for our animals, such as pumpkins and berries for bears! The gardens will serve as examples of how to sustain the environment through pollination and use non-toxic alternatives to pesticides. (Read our 5 Tips for The Perfect Pollinator Garden)

Through our education center, we intend to provide learners of all ages and backgrounds with a deep understanding of this delicate balance and demonstrate practices that anyone can do around their own homes or communities to exist in productive harmony with nature.

Show your support for Wild Paws' mission of rescuing and providing a safe habitat for wild animals using sustainable resources, promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife, and educating the public about the preservation of wild animals and their ecosystems.