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Does your facility rehabilitate animals?

In our immediate operations we will not be rehabilitating and releasing wild carnivores. Rather, we will be rescuing animals that are determined to be non-releasable into the wild because they:

  1. Are imprinted to humans due to their experience in captivity

  2. Are impaired physically (e.g. amputated leg)

  3. Are subject to legally mandated species release restrictions

We will, though, assist in finding appropriate rehabilitation centers for native Carnivora species.

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What does it mean that the education center will have "experiential" learning?

Wild Paws' on-site educational programs will be experiential, meaning students will learn from doing, and then reflecting on these experiences. Students will not come into direct contact with animals; learning experiences will be designed for students to interactively learn about the environment, conservation, animals, and human-animal relationships.

Examples of experiential education include the scientific inquiry method, creative problem solving, experiments, artistic representation, and other hands-on experiences.

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What kinds of activities will be available?

Wild Paws will have on-site, standards-based educational programs designed for K-12 students. Wild Paws also plans to have activities, such as gardening, for the whole family! Additionally, we plan to hold community education classes in the Twin Cities, Western Wisconsin, and surrounding areas.

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What does it mean to be accredited? Who accredits organizations like Wild Paws and why is it important to be accredited?

Accrediting agencies set forth a high standard of care and also act as an educational resource for its accredited facilities. These agencies also help supporters and donors recognize organizations that are not only meeting these standards, but whose missions and actions demonstrate the level of care and sustainable future for the animals. They only accredit facilities that do not exploit,  breed, trade, or sell their animals.

Upon fulfilling our first few phases of securing property, constructing enclosures, and rescuing animals, we will apply to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries to become accredited.

Being accredited is important as it demonstrates that an organization meets and/or may exceed the criteria set forth. Some of these criteria include, but are not limited to: training and experience of caretakers, safety practices, caging standards, emergency plans, and animal management protocols. The standards for these criteria are constantly evolving in parallel with the industry’s better understanding of what it means to provide the best care to the respective species. By becoming accredited, we are hoping to not only meet and exceed the requirements set forth by accrediting agencies, but to become a leader in this community. It is our goal to be known and respected for providing the highest level of care to our residents.

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Do you have a facility yet?

Yes! In the spring of 2018, we purchased 80 acres in Polk County, WI. Read about our property here.

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When will you start rescuing animals?

It is very important that we set up a strong infrastructure prior to acquiring animals. Some of our considerations prior to rescue include building animal enclosures of appropriate size for each animal, and constructing safe structures to contain the residents while providing an enriching environment to maintain their well-being. Wild Paws will be accomplishing these goals through the phases projected in our strategic plan. Learn how you can help build Wild Paws here.

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How is your organization funded?

Our funding comes from public contributions, member support, corporate gift-matching, sponsorships, and in-kind donations. We value the support of all our donors, and every donation is very much appreciated. You can visit our Donate page to make a gift.

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I live far away, how can I help?

We welcome volunteers from any locale! We always have opportunities for research, marketing, art design, and administrative support. Please send an email to to learn more or fill out our volunteer application!

You can also show your support by making a donation or shopping our Amazon Wish List for important items and tools we need to build Wild Paws Sanctuary!

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