Finding Wild Paws

Finding suitable land for Wild Paws is one of our top priorities and there are many factors to consider when looking at potential land opportunities. We have a dedicated committee and realtor working very hard to find us the perfect property.

The future of Wild Paws depends on finding just the right spot to not only provide a safe, natural home to animals in need but to also be a place where the community can come together and learn about our ecosystem and how we all play an integral part in its health and well-being. Here is just a snippet of the things we are looking for:

One of the first things we look for in a potential property is location. We are currently looking for at least 100 acres in size within certain counties that will allow a sanctuary. There are many counties in Minnesota that simply will not allow a wild animal sanctuary to exist within its borders. Most counties that are open to allowing a sanctuary require a conditional land use permit. In order to obtain the permit, we must present a detailed outline of the plan for the property.

Once the plan is submitted, we then have to meet with the township board and residents to present our strategic plan and answer any questions they may have. It is very important to us that we are accepted within the community. Having local support and relationships with residents and businesses will go a long way in our sustainability.

Wooded area on west field LR.jpg

Next, we look at the size and type of land. Again, we are looking at properties that are at least 80 acres in size with a majority of that land being high ground with a mix of vegetation.

Our enclosures at Wild Paws will vary in size depending on the species. In order to simulate a natural environment, we must provide adequate space for the animal to stretch its wild side. For instance, if we rescue a black bear, we would like to provide at least half an acre per bear. Within the habitat we would like to have a variety of vegetation, including shading or climbing trees and also water features and there will be ample distance between the habitats to provide privacy and safety for our rescues. Attached to each enclosure will be a building for the residents to den in and get out of the elements and we will provide on-site veterinary care in our large veterinary hospital.

Orientation of the property and the proximity to potential neighbors will also taken into consideration. We are aware that having wild animals housed next door might not be some people‚Äôs ideal living situation, so we are looking for a more secluded parcel of land. We also need to keep the safety of animals and humans in mind, so we are looking for a property with multiple road access points in case of evacuation.

When researching a property, we utilize many different mapping sites where we can see all aspects of the land from the topography and vegetation, to the road access and potential neighbors. Another important thing to consider is the impact we will have on the local wildlife. Wild Paws will have barrier fencing around the perimeter of the property for safety purposes and we do not want to obstruct primary wildlife corridors.

Animal care and providing our future rescues with the best life we can are our top priorities. The animals that will be in our care deserve to have a large, natural setting where they can start to heal from their past experiences, whatever they may be.

Wild Paws is committed to doing things right the first time. We want to make sure that we consider everything, from safety for the animals and humans, to being considerate neighbors, to providing exceptional care for our rescues. We also have a responsibility to the wildlife in the areas where we are searching and need to keep in mind how our presence will affect them. Our goal is to have as small of a footprint we can while providing the biggest spaces possible for the rescued animals.

We have a lot of hard work ahead, but with your support and our determination, Wild Paws will soon be home to some very deserving animals in need. If you have land or know anyone with land for sale that might fit our criteria, please email us at

Help us raise money for land and show your support for Wild Paws' mission of rescuing and providing a safe habitat for wild animals using sustainable resources, promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife, and educating the public about the preservation of wild animals and their ecosystems.