A Letter from Zoongizi the Bobcat

Dear Friends,

You see, everywhere throughout my habitat are scattered traps I have to be careful to stay clear from. They are put there to catch my species for our fur, an industry completely controlled by your demand. You think my soft, beige, spotted fur will make a glamorous coat, but I need it to blend into my environment and use it for protection. In fact, your demand for my fur is so high that in 2013 it was selling for a record high of $589. Can you really put a price on something I was born with and need to survive?


Not only am I being trapped for the fur trade, but I am also being captured to be kept as a private pet. Even though it is illegal to own myself and other exotic felines in Minnesota, that hasn’t stopped many. My smaller stature entices you into thinking I will fit inside your home or a cage. However, in the wild I typically have a territory of 25-30 miles of rough terrain and dense forests I like to hide in. I want to run and hunt for my own food, not have it thrown at me through bars.

I have been very good at adapting to your human development into my territory, but this has only made it easier for you to catch me. Luckily, Wild Paws can help me by relocating me to a non-developed area or save me from a small trap and set me free. If I’m unable to survive back in the wild, they can provide me with plenty of space that allows me to use my natural instincts and provide the proper care I deserve.

So please, help to educate others and remember I am not a pet and please do not be a part of the demand by buying any products made with real fur.

Zoongizi means "she is strong" in Ojibwe, and with your help, I can live up to my name.

bobcat right front 3.png

                                  Zoongizi the bobcat

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