A Letter from Igasho the Gray Wolf

Dear Friends,

From the moment I was born, humans have controlled my life. They separated my brothers, sisters, and I from our mom instantly. I was fed from a bottle and was always being picked up and touched. The humans would pet us when we whined, believing they could comfort us for something they could never give us. I had the company of my siblings for a short time until they were taken away, one by one.

Soon it was my turn, and the humans took me to their home. They treated me like a dog instead of wild animal; keeping me in a kennel and feeding me brown kibble food. They put a collar on me and tried to walk me on a leash. None of this felt right to me; I knew this wasn’t the life I was meant to live. When I was young I would cooperate, standing no chance against them. However, as I grew and grew I began to get strong. I developed long legs with large feet and claws, and my teeth came in big and sharp. I wanted to run and rip with my new instincts, but the humans wouldn’t allow it. When they tried to play with me I would accidentally hurt them, and they would punish me by shoving me back into my small kennel.

This is the only life I have ever known. The inside of a house is the environment I am familiar with, but I didn’t belong there and soon my owners grew tired of me. They slowly quit letting me out of the kennel, afraid of what I could do to them, realizing even if humans raised me I still had my wild instincts. Soon after that the food began to dwindle as well. I could hear them discussing what they would do with me. One night they brought the kennel to a wooded area and opened the door. I wandered out without my leash thinking I was free, taking off in a run. The confusion set in as I realized I had no idea where I was and what to do. This was the first time I had been alone outside or felt the woods surrounding me. I didn’t know what I was supposed to eat or how to hunt. The woods they took me to were too small, and I soon wandered into a neighborhood. I wasn’t afraid of the people I saw because this was the environment I was used to, but I didn’t know they were afraid of me.

After I was spotted a few times some people came to capture me. I thought I would be kept in a kennel again, but instead I was taken to Wild Paws. Here I was introduced to another of my kind. We have become a small pack, which helps me learn about what it means to be a wolf and gain confidence. They also provide proper food that satisfies my cravings. These are the only humans I have been able to trust because they have provided the best care possible for me in a place large enough for my wellbeing and where I can sleep in the peacefulness of the night. This place has been the only place that has felt like a home to me.

wolf front right original.png

Igasho the gray wolf

We hope Igasho’s letter helps you understand the need for our organization, and although we are raising general funds on our donation page, we have labeled the donation increments so that you can see how they will help to save a wolf like Igasho in the future.  

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