Make Their Wildest Dreams Come True

Last year, we purchased 80 acres in St. Croix Falls, WI. This summer we will start to build Wild Paws Midwest Animal Sanctuary in order to rescue our first resident! Due to the generosity of our donors, we have already raised the funds needed to construct our perimeter fencing.

Now we need your support to raise $20,000 to begin building our first habitats!

In a perfect world, every animal would live freely and safely in its natural environment. Unfortunately, too many wild animals are displaced from their homes, most often due to human-animal encounters. These encounters can be as simple as someone finding an orphaned baby fox or striking a wolf with their car. Other encounters include habituation to humans, causing the animal to be deemed a nuisance or threat to public safety and face euthanasia.

(Learn more about displaced wildlife here on our blog)

The greatest challenge for displaced wildlife no longer able to survive on their own is finding a home after rehabilitation. Wild Paws seeks to meet this challenge by providing a safe and natural environment for these animals. We have already received many calls about animals in need of placement, but have had to turn them away because we must have the infrastructure in place before we can provide any of them with a safe place to go. There are more animals needing placement than there are are facilities such as Wild Paws.

Animals that call Wild Paws Home will live in habitats that mimic their natural environment while meeting their specific dietary and physical needs.

Their spacious enclosures will offer secure shelter from the elements and enrichment features appropriate to each animal’s needs, allowing them to pursue their natural behaviors.

In the future, our sanctuary will also include an education center to welcome families and school groups, and educate the public about the preservation of wild animals and their ecosystems.

You can help rescue our first resident, and make their wildest dreams come true by donating to Wild Paws today!

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Wild Paws relies solely on funding through private donations, grants, and the support of our stakeholders.